Better You Magnesium Spray


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BetterYou Magnesium Oil Original spray is a revolutionary body spray to help replace magnesium lost through modern, stressful lifestyles and the metabolic processes of energy production. By applying BetterYou Magnesium Oil directly to the skin, this essential mineral can be absorbed by our bodies completely naturally, up to 5 times faster than if taken orally. Each bottle contains up to 800 rejuvenating body sprays. Magnesium deficiency on the Rise: In 1997, the National Academy of Sciences found that over 70% of Americans were deficient in magnesium. The 2003 National Nutritional Survey found that the average UK diet contained only 60% of the RDA of magnesium.BetterYou Magnesium Oil original spray allows magnesium to reach body tissue without loss avoiding primary processing by the liver and kidneys, effectively eradicating any potential laxative effects associated with oral supplementation. Mined in Northern Europe, one mile below ground and over 250 million years old, this exceptional source of magnesium, unlike salt sources from open seas, is completely uncontaminated by toxins from modern industrialization and man-made pollutants. BetterYou’s Magnesium Oil Original spray contains less that 1% trace minerals and represents the purest and most naturally absorbable source of magnesium available. A chemical ‘fingerprint’ is taken for every batch to ensure a consistency of purity and certificated of pharmaceutical quality. Only through this process can BetterYou guarantee 100% natural source. “Magnesium is the central and most basic nutrient mineral responsible for immune response, cerebral function and energy levels. A magnesium rich body will be more potent and sport a tougher immune system, more easily fighting infections.” Dr Mark Sircus, Ac. O.M.DSuitable during pregnancy and for those on a vegan, vegetarian, diabetic and ceoliac diet.