Floradix Yarrow Tea


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Floradix Organic Yarrow Tea contains an essential oil which has an antiseptic effect and bitter substances that exert a beneficial effect on the stomach, intestines, bile, appetite, gastric juices and digestion.

Floradix Herbal Tea range is manufactured in Germany by a world-known Bavarian Company with over 90 years experience. The herbs used in the manufacture of the Floradix tea range are subjected to stringent and comprehensive scientific testing, using the latest techniques and laboratory equipment. Having passed all the necessary tests, the herbs are then hygienically filled into unbleached filter bags which are free from all chemical additives. Numerous quality control procedures and comprehensive documentation at all stages of production ensure the highest standards are reached so that you can enjoy your tea to the fullest.

The box contains 15 delightful tea bags that are unbleached and free from all chemical additives.

Ingredients: Organic Yarrow, herb.