NA Green Coffee 60tab


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This product is designed for those who follow a specific calorie diet for weight loss. Generally the company’s strategy is to provide supplements that promise dramatic results in weight loss. But the validity of the reports accompanying the ability of green coffee affects the regulation of body weight led Lamberts on to include in its product range.
The extract used is decaffeinated and provides high levels of a group of active ingredients called chlorogenic acids. To strongest component of chlorogenic acids is 5-caffeoylquinic acid. These ingredients are powerful antioxidants acting against free radicals. The process of cooking changes the chemical structure of the brown seed and that is why we use uncooked coffee beans for our extract.

• Can be used in conjunction with a weight loss diet

• It is decaffeinated and so does not cause adverse stimulatory effects

• Also acts as a powerful antioxidant Dosage 2 tablets a day